Minos Efstathiadis _ author & playwright

Crime Fiction

In Greek: Icaros, 2018 | In French: To be published by Actes Sud
International rights: Iris Literary Agency
248 pages
ISBN 978-960-572-246-3, [In Print]

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An unknown elderly man orders Chris Papas to trail Eva Döbling. The detective crosses Hamburg by night, following the young German woman. She is meeting her lover in a 3rdclass hotel. The next morning, the unknown client is found dead, hanged in the room where Döbling spent the night.

The detective follows Döbling to Greece, back to his home village. Over there he finds out that the unknown man was Anton Rot, author of a book called “The Diver”. His son had co-starred in an amateur film with Döbling. Before the detective has any chance to meet her, she is found dead in the sea.

A chain of consecutive suicides and mysterious deaths is starting to unfold. Why does a short film drag everyone to the bottom of the sea? The images are reviving “The Diver”, a real interrogation method during World War II which Anton Rot had witnessed.

The detective must watch the film. Sometimes the trip to the past is nothing but a dive into the core of horror. Where images exceed imagination.