Minos Efstathiadis _ author & playwright


Kastaniotis, 2004
232 pages
ISBN 960-03-3659-8, ISBN-13 978-960-03-3659-7, [In Print]

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Reviews: ΒιβλιοNET (GR)


There are only cars and trains.
That’s how they cross Europe, trying to escape from their pursuers or just from themselves.
In Athens and Brussels everything is sold out. The journey begins.
Sofia by night,the angel drinking in the devil’s company.
Karlsruhe by day, not that it’s much different by night.
Trieste next to the garbage, Lucerne next to the dream.
Basel in flames, Offenburg on the autobahn.
Copenhagen above everything, above the water.
Kilometres, countless kilometres, white lines forming a straight, endless one.
But for breaking their way through, there must be a place for the final escape:
A Dreamland.
Does it really exist?
How can you describe it and in which language?
And what if the place exists but the language does not?